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Make English more interesting, cultivate a global mindset, train logical reasoning skills, and explore scientific knowledge

Make English FUN

Focused on providing comprehensive online English courses for children aged 5-15. KIDI’s educational philosophy is to educate and play, and strive to improve learning efficiency, so that children fall in love with learning.

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Logical Thinking

Course Information

Different Learning Styles

Learn scientific knowledge

Courses will be taught through science topics, this way, they can explore and improve their English skills through different backgrounds and contexts.

Cultivate interest in learning

There will be interactive activities relating to each course that will spark students’ interest in learning English. By blending English learning with Science, their curiosity about new knowledge will encourage them to be more active in learning.

Reading Comprehension

With the guide of our native-speaking teachers, students will be exposed to structures of various English sentences through reading comprehension exercises. Together with new vocabulary that they will learn in each course, they would be able to apply it and familiarize themselves with different grammar uses.

Meaningful and Open-Ended Questions

There will be meaningful and open-ended questions in every course which will exercise our students’ English logical thinking skills and express themselves through English. These questions will be asked progressively throughout the course, allowing students to answer based on what they have learned so far.

Providing Course Summaries

Students will be provided summaries for each lesson. They will be able to review English skills and science knowledge that they have learned after every course, giving our students the KIDI Guarantee, even beyond class hours. Exclusive for higher levels only.

KIDI Guarantee

We aim to make English more interesting and encourage students to fall in love with English

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We believe we have the best teachers in our team. We implement a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the first lesson.

Engaging Interactions

KIDI provides interactive English lessons through our child-friendly platform and interesting topics with creative visual animations.

The Best Way to Improve English

Learning a new language can get hard, and KIDI is here to make it easy for your child. We have developed the best way for them to feel confident to speak English. Build their confidence with us!

Reasons to choose KIDI


One of our most effective methods in our English Courses is encouraging conversations with the students through meaningful questions. Students are not only reinforcing their English grammar but practicing their conversational skills. This way our students can easily master English sentences and practically apply them in daily conversation.


KIDI assures that our child-friendly lessons are interesting and interactively visualized with creative animations. As an online English course in HK, we consult with professionals in the US and internationally to develop our teaching content. We have an all-round, innovative and coherent curriculum that develops children’s comprehension, communication, and reading aptitude.


We integrate simplified science-related topics for the student to explore and develop their critical thinking skills. Some of our science related topics include Space Exploration, Health Systems, and Natural Sciences. Learning science at an early age develops their ability to communicate with a wider vocabulary and to form their own opinions and observations about the environment around them.


Through our 1-on-1 English tutor method, we are able to provide a personalized approach and direct feedback to the students, while adapting to each of their individual learning needs. In fact, we provide a free trial lesson so that interested clients can observe our session methods.


We take reference of learning objectives from international standards including The Common Core State Standards (CCSS), the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), The English National Curriculum, Hong Kong’s English Language Education Guide, and International Baccalaureate (IB).


We envision to provide the best English course in Hong Kong with the help of our students, parents, and business partners. Our online English courses maximize the most out of our emerging technologies. We utilize online platforms as a learning environment for the children of Hong Kong.

Through our global learning platforms, we aim to build terrific relationships with more tutors abroad to provide the best teacher for your kids. We aspire to equip the children of Hong Kong for global opportunities from learning the English language.

Our 1-on-1 English method and educational lessons are specially designed to equip every student. We spare no effort to establish their potential as English speakers. Through education and technology, we bridge our students to achieve borderless learning.

What is KIDI

Our Philosophy

About KIDI

KIDI is from “Knowledge through Interactive Dialogue and Instruction”KIDI Education Technology Limited is a pioneer in online teaching. We guarantee the best English courses for adults and children. KIDI aims to produce equipped English speakers through our educational methods with different interesting and fun topics.

Our Lessons

At KIDI Education, we aim to provide our clients with a comfortable environment where you can trust us like your friends. Our friendly approach during 1 on 1 English lessons will help you build confidence in learning and speaking the English language. We understand that learning a new language can get hard, but KIDI will make it easy for you.

Enjoy while learning English with us.

Take English lessons anytime, anywhere from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

KIDI Education, as an online English course in Hong Kong, provides the most convenient way of learning and practicing English at any time, anywhere. We have designed hundreds of different lessons including science topics for children. Our well-designed PowerPoint lessons take into account every client’s profile to suit their interest and learning capacities. Our lessons are not only educational but they are also fun and interactive.

We ensure our students get the best out of our offers, thus, KIDI provides the following for our clients’ convenience:

  • 1 on 1 English tutor program ensures that students get a first hand experience of practicing english with fluent and native english speakers from the US and UK.
  • We promote a hassle free system which lets the clients choose their own schedule and tutor.
  • Additionally, all of these are at clear-pricing and affordable rates.

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