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Different science topics each lesson


Level: Beginner

The Food Chain

Level : Intermediate

The Solar System

Level : Elementary

Ancient Egypt

Level: Advanced

Three Important Points

Children’s English Courses

KIDI courses are rich in content

KIDI (KIDI Education) Online English One-to-One Children’s English Courses include a variety of exciting learning topics. The learning content is mainly related to the science field. These include geography, biology, astronomy, amongst others. In addition, humanities topics are also available and range from the study of Ancient Egypt to the study of different world cultures.

Closely related to life

Our students will be able to fluently communicate in English to express the different phenomena they observe in their day to day life. Our English lessons will inspire thinking and exercise children’s expression skills. Through English-conversation activities, our students will not have to worry about memorization. Instead, they are building a good foundation for their future studies. Improve their English skills in an all-round way, and broaden your children's horizons!


Parents can also customize the content and teaching methods they believe will best serve their children. For example, if you would like our foreign tutors to focus on cultivating the children's ability to concentrate and exercise their logical thinking skills, they will address your request. Taking personalized English courses helps meet the needs of your children, allowing them to speak English as if it were their first language! KIDI (KIDI Education) is your best choice!

English Conversation Class

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KIDI English Conversation Curriculum Design Science

The teaching content of KIDI (KIDI Education) English Conversation Class refers to the learning objectives of international standards, including Common Core State Standards (CCSS), Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), English National Courses, Hong Kong English Education Guide and International Baccalaureate (IB). KIDI facilitates the integration of school children with their school education in the future! When designing the English conversation content, our developers also fully considered the students' abilities and needs, and arranged educational and interactive sessions in every classroom! Guiding children through verbal conversation will help their needs at different stages of their education.

Ranging from Easier to Most Challenging Topics

The difficulty of our course ranges from low to most advanced, guiding the children through each step, so that our lessons can stimulate your children's interest in learning. Our lessons foster the children's curiosity about various phenomena in life, and at the same time provide positive guidance. Children are the hope of the future, and children’s English conversation classes will bring more opportunities for their lives in such a developing world! Please allow KIDI (KIDI Education) to work with you to cultivate future-oriented children!

Three Purposes

one-to-one English conversation

Provide individualized attention for our students to best comprehend their English level

Through our one-to-one English conversation lessons, the instructor will be able to give individualized attention to the children’s reactions and understand their English level, and in return, they will teach students in accordance with their aptitude. If the children have any questions or concerns, they are free to communicate those while feeling valued and respected by the teacher.

Happy Learning

KIDI hopes that in our online, foreign tutor, one-to-one English conversation course, every child can feel completely happy and confident, so that they can truly love learning English online, and feel encouraged to be more engaged in the classroom! Learn English more actively!

Increase children's personal knowledge

Increase children's personal knowledge, improve their English skills, and enable them to speak fluent English with confidence! Language is the key to understanding the world. KIDI wants to become the bridge for children to understand the world, enlighten their ideas and let them dream big! If you want your child to receive the best English education, please choose KIDI (KIDI Education) one-on-one English conversation class!

Three Reasons

Children's English conversation

Meet the needs of your children

KIDI understands the importance of the language environment. If you have difficulty talking with your child in English, or you are busy at work, being unable to conduct oral English training with your child, KIDI’s English courses for children are exactly what you need.


KIDI will teach students in accordance with their aptitude. The foreign tutors possess vast experience in English conversation with children and are very patient when educating them. They will use different teaching methods to guide children to think and learn actively, as to best improve your students's English ability.

Inspire students' thinking

Children's English conversation courses will foster your student's curiosity, practice their language skills, and allow them to express themselves freely. The teachers will stimulate the students' interest and imagination. Allow your child to improve their English skills in all aspects - listening, speaking, reading and writing! Our one-to-one children's English conversation class has an incomparable advantage over large and even small classes!

Parent's Reviews​

“My daughter has become more confident on speaking English and improved the fluency.”

Ms. Wong

“My son started liking English since the lessons began”

Ms. Leung

“KIDI’s staff are willing to listen our to special needs and adopt changes.”

Mr. Fung

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