Happy Learning

Our Philosophy

Fun, Learnable, Interactive & Science topics

KIDI's Approach

Four Ways

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Our curriculum, culture, and campus are empowering and uplifting


Experiences are appealing and personally meaningful


Our genuine, and empathetic educators will guide all students to success.


Our goal is to foster a healthy balance and learning habits that will lead our students to feeling accomplished, happy and successful.

Three Keys

The Keys of KIDI Education

KIDI Education

KIDI is built upon practical and effective approaches supported by various educational research studies to provide only the best for your children. Learning a new language is especially hard but we make it fun and interactive where students explore their full capabilities; where they not only learn to converse in the English language but their scientific knowledge develops as well.

Communication & comprehension

We spend tremendous amounts of time working with the professionals in the U.S and internationally, in order to effectively develop our teaching content. We have an all-round, innovative and coherent curriculum that develops children's comprehension, communication, and reading capability.

International standards application

We take reference of learning objectives from international standard including The Common Core State Standards (CCSS), the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), The English National Curriculum, Hong Kong's English Language Education Guide, and International Baccalaureate (IB).

KIDI Education

Three Approach

Tools of the mind

Children are at a stage where they start to develop a sense of wonder about the physical things around them. It has been proven in many different research studies that science helps develop children’s growth and learning capacity.

Why focus on the tools of the mind?

According to a study published from the University of Illinois in 2010 entitled Science in Early Childhood Classrooms; Content and Processes, science activities are seen as vehicles for the development of vocabulary and skills such as motor coordination, counting, and color and shape recognition. All of these skills can be further developed with the help of our teachers and the confidence in their abilities to teach science to children.

Why choose Tools of mind?

KIDI provides fun and interactive science courses which aim to develop the English vocabulary of our students and their skills in conversing and exchanging ideas in English effectively. We also believe that teachers are the driving forces to developing a child’s learning growth, thus, our teachers are screened thoroughly to provide only the best Native English speakers with excellent science backgrounds.